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About Jay Rosner

Jay Rosner
Jay Rosner is a national admissions test expert based in the San Francisco bay area. As the Executive Director of The Princeton Review Foundation, he has developed programs jointly with such organizations as the NAACP, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, College and Graduate Horizons (serving Native American students) and the Asian Pacific Fund, and with a diverse group of universities ranging from historically black Xavier University (in New Orleans) to his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. He specializes in providing test preparation resources to low-income and underrepresented minority students for tests such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT and LSAT.

Jay's career has combined education and law, with an emphasis on student advocacy. In 2001 he testified as an expert witness in favor of affirmative action in the trial phase of the landmark University of Michigan Law School affirmative action case. He is the co-author of a law review article cited in several briefs submitted to the Supreme Court in the appeal of that case.

For many years Jay has served as a national advisor and resource to students having disputes with ETS and other testing companies. He is a testing and test preparation consultant to a wide variety of groups, ranging from KIPP Schools to the National Association of (College) Basketball Coaches. Jay does over 30 presentations and workshops each year at educational conferences and for universities, high schools and nonprofit groups. He has testified before state legislative committees in California, Texas, Illinois and New Jersey. Jay has done invited presentations and workshops for admissions officers and/or their staffs at several of the most selective colleges and universities in the country.

Jay is quoted regularly in print media (Time Magazine, etc.) and has appeared on panel talk shows on national public television (Uncommon Knowledge) and public radio (Michael Krasny Show in San Francisco). For his work with minority premedical students, in 2002 Jay was awarded the Howard D. Ingram, MD, Humanitarian Award by the Vines Medical Society of San Bernardino, California. Prior to becoming the executive director of The Princeton Review Foundation in 1995, Jay had been General Counsel at The Princeton Review. He began working full-time at The Princeton Review in 1987.

Before attending law school, Jay was a public high school math teacher for two years at the Alternative Schools Project in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania. Jay holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Widener University. He is the proud father of two grown daughters.